Woman on a Journey

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Summer arrived yesterday. What a perfect time to start cultivating a blog.

The solstice brings two things to my mind. The first is that several summers ago, Ross and I were at Devil's Tower in Wyoming on the solstice. It was a holy time for the American Indians there. The trees lining the trails leading up to Devil's Tower were adorned with prayer flags. They were so beautiful in the sun of that summer day, colorful pieces of fabric dotting the green and rocky terrain.

My other solistice memory is the Solstice parade in Seattle, WA. They have a festival complete with a parade in the Freemont neighborhood. One of the parade entries is always a troop of naked participants. The thought of that may make some squirm with nervousness. In others it may generate excitement. I think that it is symbolic of one's birth, our entry into this world, just like summer, naked and new, with all kinds of possibility.